Are they obnoxious? Yes. Are you still going to buy one? Of course.

Floats have a come a long way since I was a kid. LOL I remember when only kids has fun themed floats and adults had to decided between a tube or a flat. That is not the case anymore. There is a whole food line of floats and more mythical creatures than you can think. And yes, they take up a ton of room in the pool but at the end of the day what are people talking about? Your obnoxious float!

Here are some floats you should think about grabbing before you hit the pool, lake or beach this summer!



    Inflatable Unicorn

    The last few years have been all about the swan but this year it's a whole new level. They added a horn and some color, but don't worry... it's still massive like the swan.


    Poop Emoji

    Is it really funny? Is it functional? Or, are you just taking up space? Who knows but it might be worth the 35 bucks to find out. LOL


    Inflatable Avocado

    I'm actually a little impressed by this one. At first glance you probably think, "how do you even sit on that?" Then you realize you can lounge and play! The avocado pit is a ball!


    Intex Inflat-A-Bull

    I guarantee this will not be as fun as it looks but it will be hilarious watching you try. People will give you dirty looks when you walk in with this one.


    Wine Pool Raft

    Can you even float on this? Is the top of the bottle big enough for your head? I just have visions of water pouring in my ears!


    Giant Balloon Animal Pool Float

    There is NO relaxing on this float but it does look cool. Obnoxious, but cool!