Can you believe it's been 13 years since the October Surprise Storm?! It was this weekend back in 2006.

Technically, the exact anniversary is this Saturday evening, October 12th -- which is when the actual storm hit the area, through the overnight hours. The aftermath and the devastation wasn't full realized until the next day, October 13th; which was a Friday if you remember.

The storm was named Lake Storm Aphid by the National Weather Service.

It was a true surprise for Western New York, as actual warnings of a large snow fall event didn't roll in until the afternoon of the 12th, which by then was too late to make appropriate preparations.

If you lived in the hardest hit areas of the freak lake effect snow storm, especially the north towns, the metro and Lancaster, you saw at least a  foot of snow and down trees and power lines, everywhere.

Most of the trees still had their leaves, so the sound of branches cracking under the weight of the snow would be echoing through the air during the night and early morning of storm.

I remember the blue or green lightning and the sound of those breaking branches in my neighborhood in Amherst. We lost power for 11 days and fled to Niagara Falls. The motels and hotels saw a ton of bookings in the aftermath.

I also remember all the generators getting gobbled up at local retailers, there was a severe shortage of generators and gas for your car. Wegmans and Tops saw people trying to grab non-perishable items.

Looking back, I think you would agree that the hearts of Buffalonians showed through those days. Neighbors helping neighbors shovel, dig cars out, even getting out power saws to cut down branches that were blocking side streets.

I vividly remember the Sabres playing at home against the New York Rangers that weekend and the communities gathering at the few places that had power.

It was a crazy few days and it was challenging but it's one of those events that you look back and think about what the true character of this area really is.

The storm was so freaky, chances are we will never experience this kind of October snow event again...maybe!


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