The weather is changing...again in New York State. The last couple of weeks have felt sort of like a long Ground Hog's Day than the start of spring. But if you can be patient, there is a change coming thanks to a unique weather pattern.

It is not only spring, it is construction season in New York State. The snow has been replaced by traffic cones and the days are getting longer. But before we can celebrate the arrival of spring and open those windows on the house, we need to deal with a couple more days of wet snow and rain that is being brought in by the "Omega Block" jet stream pattern.

There never seems to be a lack of rare and unique weather systems. Weather it is a 'Nor Easter or Bomb Cyclone or Omega Block, those who love to talk about the weather certainly have plenty to discuss.

The good news is that we will be getting the benefit of the system soon. The temperatures are going to rise and the sun is about to return.

We have three young kids who love to play outside and, like most kids who grew up in New York State, have become pretty hearty and resilient to the nasty, cold weather. But it would be nice to play outside without a coat or winter hat.

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