A local company in Ellicottville is looking to become the first company in Cattaraugus County to seek pandemic related tax initiatives and bring a one million manufacturing project to the town.

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According to WGRZ, Essential American Projects is the first company in Cattaraugus County to apply for new Personal Protective Equipment tax incentives.

The company would get up to $99,000 in sales tax exemptions for the sales of hand sanitizer, soap, and other PPE items.

Essential American Products, Inc. is seeking the incentives as they have proposed the approximately $1 million manufacturing project in the town of Ellicottville, which would also create about eight to 12 jobs over the next year to year and a half.

The Cattaraugus County Industrial Development Agency is working with New York State to offer tax exemptions to companies to help keep up with the demand for PPE, soap, and hand sanitizers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are still plenty of other grants, loans, and exemptions for small businesses to help during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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