The game was almost unwatchable and it was a very sorry and sad way to end the season for the Buffalo Bills.  Sunday's 30-10 loss to the New York Jets was a complete team failure.  It wasn't so much that the Jets were that much better, the Bills just couldn't complete simple tasks like tackling and throwing accurate passes.

If the Bills had any hopes of salvaging the career of EJ Manuel, he himself proved to the entire league he simply is not an NFL quarterback.  His performance against the Jets is no different from what we've been seeing for several years now, but Bills general manager Doug Whaley refuses to admit it.

Manuel ended up completing only 9 of 20 passes for 86 yards before head coach Anthony Lynn mercifully pulled him in and replaced him with Cardale Jones.  Manuel added to the team's misery by losing a fumble during a sack to set up a Jets touchdown.

And how does a professional football player, a PROFESSIONAL player not know a kickoff is a live ball?  Mike Gillislee failed to pick up, cover or down the ball on a kickoff allowing the Jets to score a touchdown when they recovered it in the end zone while Gillislee watched.  That just might have been the stupidest play I've ever seen in a Bills game.  Gillislee scored the Bills lone touchdown on the next possession, but that hardly can excuse a bonehead play.

There was one good thing that came out of Sunday's game.  The Bills went the entire game without being assessed a single penalty; the only team in the league to do that this season.

So a lot of questions need to be answered in the offseason;

  • Who will be appointed the next coach?
  • If Anthony Lynn is retained as coach what changes will he make to the coaching staff?
  • Will the Bills retain Doug Whaley?
  • Will the Bills retain Tyrod Taylor?
  • Will the Bills seek another quarterback by trade, free agency or the draft?
  • How many of their 23 free agent players will they retain?

To make this team competitive again there's a lot that needs to happen between now and next July when the Bills open training camp.





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