The personal finance website WalletHub has released its research of the Top 100 cities in the country to open a business.  Although Buffalo fell well down the list in overall rankings, Buffalo did very well in one very important category - Business Cost.

WalletHub factored in office space affordability, labor costs, corporate taxes and cost of living into its study and Buffalo came out as the second-best city in the country in terms of what it would cost to open a business.

As great as that sounds, the other two major factors going into the equation brought Buffalo down.  WalletHub also measured cities' Business Environment; average growth of business revenues, 5-year business survival rate, the number of small businesses, job growth and other factors.

Access to Resources was another category including investment capital, the share of college-educated population and working-age population and that dropped Buffalo into 67th place overall among 100 cities surveyed.

Here is the complete WalletHub report:

Source: WalletHub

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