You get a gift, you get a gift, everyone gets a gift!!...Wanna feel like Oprah this holiday season? Guys and gals, not only will you be the best gift giver this year, you'll also save yourself some real money. Check out what items made Oprah's 2018 "Favorite Things" list...

Found right on Oprah's website,, you can now check out all the must have items for 2018. Each gift that made the list was hand selected and tested by Oprah Winfrey herself! Some of her favorite things include mugs, family pj's, kids artwork sets, suitcases, perfumes, and travel bags. Seriously, the list goes on and on and on!

We all know it can be difficult trying to find the perfect gifts for family, friends, and that special someone (guys I know shopping for her seems impossible) during the holidays, Luckily, Oprah has everyone covered. Whether you're looking to spend $20 or $200, this list has enough options that even the toughest person to shop for will be thrilled.

Check out the full list here!  

I have my shopping pretty much done at this point after reading through the list, and now I can't wait to write on the gift tags:

" To: My Fav Aunt & Uncle, From: Misha J & Oprah"

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