It's not every day that a lobster gets spared from a tank at the grocery store.  But this one was too rare to eat.

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Of course, I don't mean "rare "like how you cook a steak.  It's the color that makes this lobster rare. It's orange.

What makes an orange lobster orange?

Most lobsters are a brownish-red color in the wild.  After they are cooked they become red, but for the most part, lobsters have a darker color.

So when one starts out looking orange it tends to stand out from the group.

They are considered to be very rare.  Some say the chance of finding an orange lobster is 1 in 30 million.  However, it seems like the number of stories like this makes that number a little less rare.  Ripley's Aquariums has said that they are going to begin studying them to find out what creates the color anomaly.


That story is from Scottsdale, Arizona.  But this week, we had one of our own right here in Buffalo.

Tops Friendly Markets finds orange lobster

This week, the seafood department at Tops found a rare lobster in one of their deliveries and they decided that they wouldn't be selling it.  His name is Larry and he won't be getting eaten any time soon. Instead, they decided to turn it over to the Aquarium of Niagara to see if they could find it a more permanent home.  They have offered to foster Larry for now.

This is the third orange lobster that has been donated

According to WKBW, this isn't the first time that a grocery store has donated a lobster to the aquarium.  They said that in 2020 the Tops in Lockport found one (that they also named Larry) and in 2021 the Tops in Batavia found one (this one was named Tangerine) that they donated to an aquarium in Bar Harbor, Maine.


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