Orchard Park, Boston, and Hamburg were hit with a slew of vandalism over the weekend.  Cars, overpasses, and playgrounds were all covered in profanity and swastikas.  But now, the people Orchard Park have decided not to let it stand.

According to WIVB, there were 11 vehicles that were covered in graffiti.  One of those vehicles was a handicap accessible van used to transport a disabled girl.

After seeing the story on the news, a local car shop owner decided to step up and offer to fix the vehicle for the girl's mother.  Jeff Drozdowski owns Bank Street Auto and he wanted to do something for her.

He tells channel 4:

I felt terrible for her that she’s got a handicapped daughter and somebody would do that to her. We’re in the business to fix cars so we figured we’d step up and take care of that for her,”


Police are still investigating who may have done the vandalism.

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