A local teacher is about to have his moment of fame tonight for something other than his teaching skills.  He's going to be on The Food Network baking cookies!

Have you started watching Christmas themed shows yet? I know some people have rules about when they start listening to Christmas music.  In our house, that doesn't happen until after Thanksgiving.  But people love those holiday baking shows...and you know it's going to be baking season soon. If you haven't started yet, tonight might be a good night to start. There's a teacher from Orchard Park who will be competing on The Food Network's "Christmas Cookie Challenge."

His name is Brian Muffaletto and he's part of a home-based bakery business called "The Bakers Men Buffalo." According to WGRZ, Muffoletto started perfecting his sugar cookie recipe when the pandemic began and people started to be locked down in their homes.

Muffaletto is a second-grade teacher at Eggert Elementary in Orchard Park and he says that helps him when it comes to working under pressure.  He tells WGRZ,

"We're baking right beside one another, timer's ticking, the pressure of it all, and when they asked how could you handle the pressure, I said listen, I'm an elementary school teacher.  I can handle pressure, I can handle stress. I can be flexible."

There's $10,000 up for grabs if he can manage to bring home the grand prize tonight.  Watch to see if he can do it.  The episode airs tonight (11/16) on The Food Network at 10 pm.


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