Buffalo's Big 80s Bash is coming up soon. It's happening this Friday, February 1 at the Buffalo Grand Hotel (formerly the Adam's Mark), featuring Nerds Gone Wild. 

While 80s attire isn't a requirement for the party, if you want to dress the part here are some easy ideas to make your outfit totally radical.

1. Color

The 80s were all about color, especially neon and Day-Glo colors. Pay homage to the decade of excess by bringing bold colors into your outfit.

2. Denim

Jeans are timeless, but the 80s were all about the acid wash. Bring back your high-waisted mom jeans, and show everyone how good your pin technique still is. And why stop at jeans? Dust off your denim jacket, pair with some lycra tights and leg warmers.

3. Accessories

Speaking of leg warmers, the right accessories can transform your existing wardrobe into a totally tubular 80s outfit. In addition to legwarmers, give your look a throwback with big bangle bracelets, dangly feather earrings and fingerless gloves.

4. Hair

Clothes aside, what makes a real 80s look is your hairdo. Haul out the Aqua Net and tease up those bangs. Crimped hair, side ponytails, and spiky mousse-sculpted 'dos are all great choices for the night.

5. Costumes

You can go all out with an actual costume too. Get inspiration from music videos and movies of the 1980s like Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, Madonna's "Like a Virgin" VMA outfit, or any one of Michael Jackson's iconic looks (just one glove necessary!).

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