There is nothing like a comfy pair of pajamas. This time of the year, when the holidays arrive, perhaps you and the kids pull our your favorite jammies and watch a good movie? There is a new warning about a pajama recall that parents should know.

The weather sure has been rough over the last couple of days. Winter arrived with a vengeance dumping as much as 80 inches of snow in some places. Staying inside with your pajamas on has been the choice of so many families as we waited out the storm.

We have three sons. All of them are under the age of 7 and they sure love their pajamas. The best advice that I can offer any other parent who is just getting started with young kids is to set a routine for things, especially the bedtime routine. We have dinner, take a bath, put on our jammies then watch a movie or read a book and turn out the lights. For the most part, this routine works well. However, there is the occasional wake up for a snack or drink or hug!

Happy Holidays! If you are traveling this Thanksgiving, be ready for extra company. Most of the news reports that I have read or heard are indicating that there will be more traffic on the roads than we have seen in a few years. With the COVID-19 pandemic behind us, families are ready to get back together; in person!

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