Here in Western New York, we have an embarrassment of riches of awesome grocery stores.

Wegmans, Tops, Aldi's and much more are all over the Buffalo region. If you go to other places around the country, they may have a few Publix or Kroger's locations, but it's nowhere near the quality and quantity of Western New York. That's something you learn as you get older.

Buffalo has it as good as anyone for grocery stores and the number of their locations.

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However, Western New York also has quite a few specialty grocery stores. The ones that sell the kinds of foods that you just can't find anywhere else, even in a store such as Wegmans.

One of the most beloved is Parker's Great British Institution. It's located on South Park Ave. in the City of Buffalo (across from the Tesla plant).

However, Parker's made a sad announcement on Friday morning. They have permanently closed after 15 years in business.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker said that they feel now is the time to hang up their aprons and spend more time with their family.

The relocation efforts did not go as planned and they will close, effective immediately. There is a silver lining though.

They are actively searching for someone to take over the business and to continue serving all the great British food that people love; pork pies, fish and chips, sausages and much more.

They used to be called English Pork Pie Company and British Chippy. Hopefully, they will reopen under new ownership in the not-so-distant future.

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