Since the last game, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has been getting some serious heat online about what he told the Buffalo Bills quarterback after the game.

It was a closely fought game throughout the entire evening; however, the Buffalo Bills ousted the Chiefs by a final score of 20-17. 

But it was too close for comfort. On their final offensive drive, the Kansas City Chiefs nearly had a touchdown, but it was called back due to an offsides call on the play. 

You can see it below. 

After the game-deciding call, the Buffalo Bills managed to secure the win, but Mahomes was far from alright. 

When shaking hands with Bills QB Josh Allen, Mahomes let his emotions get the best of him, complaining to Josh about that final call (not like Josh cares).

I get that Mahomes and Allen are friends, but as a friend, you should give credit to Josh Allen where credit is due. 

Mahomes has since admitted he has deep regret about how he handled that reaction with Josh, but unfortunately, he has already created this new image of himself being a cry baby villain. 

And since he is now in his “villain era,” (T. Swift pun intended) X user has asked AI to turn him into some of the most well known villains, and here’s how it turned out. 

The person behind the AI creations decided to make a sidekick for the Joker Patrick Mahomes, which of course was Harley Quinn (otherwise known as Travis Kelce). 

It’s wild to see what AI can do. The CEO of OpenAI was one of the nine people/groups nominated for the TIME Magazine Person Of The Year. The 2023 honor ended up going to Taylor Swift, but the nomination shows how far the technology has gone in a single year. 

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