There is great news for those who are salaried workers in New York State as a historic law has been signed that will allow for bigger paychecks.

There are very few people who work only 40 hours a week these days. The inflation rates and the cost of everything are forcing people to either have multiple jobs or cut costs, or BOTH. But the harder you work, it still seems like you can't catch up.

According to reports, there is a big payday coming for salaried workers in the United States.

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The President has signed a law that is the largest expansion to overtime laws in decades. It was a major story on Wednesday as this may help boost the money you have at the end of the long work week.

WRIC is reporting that, "Starting July 1, employers will be required pay overtime to salaried workers who make less than $43,888 a year in certain executive, administrative and professional roles, the Labor Department said Tuesday. That cap will then rise to $58,656 by the start of 2025.

From groceries, to the electric bill, the prices you have to pay for things is outrageous. For a family of four to survive, you need to find ways to save to work as much overtime as possible. Is it worth it? It depends on your perspective. There is something to be said about the spending time with the family and less time working.

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