Last month, President Joe Biden signed a new $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill where most of America received a 1,400 dollar stimulus check. But, will there be another stimulus check?

Even though things are starting to get 'back to normal' a little bit, that does not mean that financially everyone has recovered.

There are Democratic lawmakers who wrote a proposal to President Biden to include another stimulus check in his next month's spending plan. They explain that that believe that $1,400 from last month's stimulus is barley enough to help someone for 3 months.

Here is what the letter to Biden read:

When the CARES Act relief checks ran out, poverty rose, and many families saw spiraling debt. Automatic stabilizers will give families certainty that more relief is coming, allowing them to make the best decisions about how to spend their relief payments as they receive them. Families shouldn’t have to worry about whether they’ll have enough money to pay for essentials in the months ahead as the country continues to fight a global pandemic," the letter reads, according to FOXDC.

But, not everyone thinks that this should happen? Social media either LOVED the idea of getting more money (of course, who wouldn't), but others are mind-blown and concerned that this is a bad move to keep dishing out money. What do you think?

As of the end of this month, Biden signed an important bill in that would help small businesses across America.

PPP support was set to end at the end of the month, but Biden made sure that the government will continue to help those who need it. This will extend the small business loans until the end of May. The bill that he signed yesterday will also allow the Small Business Administration to continue taking applications until the end of June 2021.

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