Buffalo Police are investigating an incident that occurred after a funeral gathering where a group of people were pepper-sprayed on Thursday evening. 

Local police were called to the scene of a community center in the area, located in the 200 block of Jefferson Avenue. According to Channel 4, at approximately 6:15 pm on Thursday, an individual pepper-sprayed a group of people at the community center. 

There was a crowd when police arrived, and while the officers tried to peacefully break up the group, a fight broke out amid the crowd of people. It resulted in one of the police officers pepper-spraying one of the members in the crowd, according to Channel 4

One person was injured during the fight and had to be taken to the hospital for further treatment. 

No arrests have been made at this time, as the incident remains under investigation.

Although a lot of the details are yet to be revealed as to what really happened at the community center on Thursday night, you can’t help but feel empathy that the situation happened so soon after a gathering for a funeral. With emotions already heightened over the loss of a loved one, a situation like this is the last thing anyone needs when they are grieving.

We will update you as soon as we have more information on the situation.

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