During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was almost impossible to get the house that you wanted unless you were willing to pay way over the asking price. There were some homes that were selling almost as fast as they were posted to Zillow or other real estate websites.

Here in 2023, there are different issues that may keep you from getting the house you want. Rising interest rates have made getting the loan that you need difficult. What was once lower than 4% has risen dramatically as inflation rises.

However, there are homes popping up in areas that are too good to pass up regardless of the financial issues that may be waiting. Even after the pandemic has ended and restrictions have been lifted, East Aurora, New York is one of the best places to buy/sell a home. With excellent schools and businesses and proximity to Buffalo, East Aurora is ideal.

I found this house for sale just a short walk from East Aurora High School and it may sell within a few days.

The Perfect Home For Sale In East Aurora, NY

I grew up in East Aurora and it is one of the most quaint villages in the state. Now that I live in Hamburg, I am seeing how much that village has grown as well. There are plenty of locally owned "mom and pop" businesses opening in Hamburg, great bars and restaurants and great schools!

The current average mortgage rate is hovering around 7% these days. The 15 and 10 year mortgages as just about 6-6.5%. If you are house hunting this weekend, best of luck!

New Starbucks In Hamburg, NY

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