If you are from Western New York you know there is one way and only one way to say goodbye to people during the football season.

From members of Bills Mafia to Josh Allen, to everyone in between,  at the end of every interview, Western New Yorkers know that the official goodbye in Buffalo during the Bills season is a simple two-word phrase.

"Go Bills"

From phone calls to your grandma to work meetings to see people on the airplane anytime, you wrap up a conversation you tell the other person "Go Bills"

Now it looks like 2 time Super Bowl Winner and National Football League Hall of Famer Peyton Manning knows how to wrap up a conversation while in New York.

He was part of Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" and as he was saying goodbye, he uttered the two words every Bills fan loves to hear. "Go Bills"

It was very unexpected from Manning since he isn't a Bills fan and didn't grow up in Western New York. So for Peyton to drop a "Go Bills", it means it got it from someone who uses it all the time.

That would be QB1 for the Bills Josh Allen.

Allen drops a "Go Bills" at the end of every interview and he was on the Manning-cast earlier this season, so my guess is that Peyton heard Allen say "Go Bills" at the end of that broadcast and used it on SNL. He even got Michale Che the other host of "Weekend Update" to drop a "Go Bills" at the end of the segment.

I would like to think that Peyton uses "Go Bills" in his everyday life. As he leaves a commercial shoot for Nationwide Insurance, he drops a "Go Bills" to the director and cast. Leaving his son's football games, he gives the other parents a "Go Bills" before they head out.

So from Bills Mafia, a big thank you to Peyton for using our goodbye phrase on national tv and of course, "Go Bills"

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