What kind of dog do you think Josh Allen would get? Well, it looks like Josh Allen and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams (who they have been together since their high school days in California) may have gotten a brand new addition to the family! At least that's what we hope because we had a lot of fun on social media with other people coming up with names for the puppy.

Update: It is their dog and its name is Sky!

Josh Allen's girlfriend, Brit posted on her Instagram story that this new pup was "just like her mama" and then had a heart and Josh Allen's Instagram handle attached to it. Now, it could very well be a friend or family member's dog, but the heart and tagging of Josh Allen make people think that this is THEIR dog.

Either way, the puppy looks like some sort of a silverback labrador, so when we first started talking about it, the jokes just started rolling in, like; "As long as he doesn’t ruff the passer…." and "Is it a labrador receiver...." LOL!

What do you think they would name the dog? Of course, name suggestions such as Diggs, Stefon, and McBeane were all being thrown out there as possible suggestions!

EXTRA: Would Josh Allen be the next NFL player to grace the cover of Madden? This year could be the year that a Buffalo Bills player makes the cover. Every year the art directors at EA sports select a league superstar to don the cover of one of the most popular video games in the country. See Dave Field's thoughts here and why it may JUST be him!

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