If you have never had a broken pipe in your house before, then you would have never had a reason to actually open up the pipes and see what's inside.

What you see inside of the pipes could be alarming, and could be an indication that something is off with your water. I recently took a look to see what was in my piper and was alarmed.

You can see in the video below that I used a cotton swab to get out what was inside of the pipe, and it was a lot. I could not stop thinking about why it was in there because that is the water that we drink and brush our teeth with.

This all began after I had an issue with our pipes. I cut them open to replace one under the sink, and that's when I noticed this blue-greenish sediment that was sitting inside.

After talking to one of our plumbers, they suggested that the water in our town might have a bad pH level. That would cause the pipe to corrode and create the sediment I found.  Here is what might be wrong with the water's pH in your town.

Corroded copper turns blue/green. This problem is often caused by low pH water, which eats away at copper pipes and fittings", according to Tier1Water.com

Just a quick note: If you have a brand-new house, there is a chance that your pipes will have some oxidation in them. This is normal and not necessarily caused by an off pH level in your water.

If you're like me and concerned about your water's pH levels, you can get it tested. Contact any New York State Department of Health-certified environmental laboratory. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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