There are very few words that express the feeling that we had watching medical officials tend to Damar Hamlin on Monday night. It is a moment that sports fans across the world will never forget and one that has brought most of us to tears.

After seeing Hamlin lying still on the field in Cincinnati and seeing the reaction from players, it was hard not to get emotional and scared all at the same time. Like you, I was texting back and forth with friends and family and trying to hold back tears. While we wait for more news regarding Damar, the outpouring of love an support for he and his family and the Buffalo Bills has been incredible.

It was incredibly hard to sleep Monday night. I have never met Damar Hamlin in person but he still fells like family. I woke up long before the alarm went off to see if there were any updates on his condition. The Buffalo Bills posted a brief update overnight.

Bills fans have gone above and beyond every time there is a cause to rally behind and this may be the biggest show of generosity from the Bills Mafia yet.

We love you Damar and are praying for a quick recovery!

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