When is Pizza Hut opening up in Buffalo, New York? We are getting close. Pizza Hut is set to open back up in Western New York and the sign for The Hut is up and on the marquee on Delaware Ave in Kenmore.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to sit down at any of the new, local Pizza Huts. They will all be taken out only (or delivered of course). When you walk inside, you can order right on the video screens that are installed in the lobby. You may have similar

On the Pizza Hut website, there are 5 Western New York new locations that will be opened up in the near future. Here they are:

  • Buffalo, NY, 3669 Delaware Ave
  • Buffalo, NY, 2150 Delaware Ave
  • Amherst NY, 4005 Sheridan Dr
  • Cheektowaga NY, 4255 Genesee St
  • Depew NY, 4920 Transit Rd

There are reports that ten locations will be coming to Western New York. Right now, the only Pizza Hut experience you can get is at some of the Target stores in the area. They have Pizza Hut locations that have a limited to-go menu. The closest Hut restaurants to sit down at are closer to Rochester or Erie, PA.

Everyone on social media seemed to be split about the news. Some were very excited that Pizza Hut is returning to the area. The other half is urging people to support local and that there are other great options around Buffalo. Either way, where is a great spot in Western New York for stuffed crust pizza? Can you think of any other places that can compare to Pizza Hut's stuffed crust?

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