Calling all teachers!

Every 90s kid remembers the Book-It! certificates from Pizza Hut. It was an absolute staple. If you were in elementary school and you filled your reading requirements with your teacher, you would get this paper slip that would give you a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

There were so many different versions of the personal pan paper coupon that you handed into the restaurant--from the booklet with stickers to the paper certificate to the little slip--but, it was always like having gold as a kid.

Now, Pizza Hut is looking for teachers and parents to sign up for The Book It! program. The program is celebrating its 40th year.

Teachers, you can enroll your kids and classroom here. It is pretty simple, actually. When you start signing up, you have to click on whether you are doing homeschooling, you are a teacher in a classroom, or parents of a child. Then you follow all of the prompts and then Pizza Hut will contact you from there.

Where are the new Pizza Huts Open in Western New York?

There are 3 Pizza Huts opened in Western New York right now with at least 7 more on the way. The three locations are on Delaware Ave in Kenmore, Genesee (right across from the airport) in Cheektowaga, and the only dine-in location in Olean.

There are a couple more Pizza Huts that are expected to open very soon:

  • Amherst NY, 4005 Sheridan Dr
  • Depew NY, 4920 Transit Rd

The take-out or delivery locations all will have limited menus.

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