Tis the season!  Do we really need a reason to chill and have a bit of fun?  To help enhance a pleasurable vacation, here are a few pointers to get you headed in the right direction.

Vacation is a great time to try new things.  Be adventurous.  Try something new and different.  No, you don’t have to climb Mt. Everest or jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  Try different foods or hang out with people of cultures other than your own.

If you’re crossing the border, make sure you have a passport.  Check to make sure its not expired.  Check if you need any visas or medical stuff.  Do you need any shots?  Google up the U. S. State Department for entry requirements.  Your travel agent or friendly family physician might also have the info you need.

If you start to get stressed and overtired its time to check into your hotel and take a nap, spend some quality beach time, take a walk or do some other physical exercise.  Do whatever gets you back in the mood for fun.  Remember vacation snacks contain no calories.

Remember, hitting a few snags is normal.  No trip goes perfectly without a hitch.  You might miss a bus or train.  A little rain might fall but try to look on the bright side or at least realize in the grand scheme of things its no big deal.  Plan stuff to do both inside and out just in case.  Hey some things are better when wet, water park maybe?

If you’re thinking of bringing back any illegal stuff, think again.  You might not only ruin your vacation but your life as well.  There’s plenty of fun stuff to do that won’t land you in jail.

Learning about different cultures can be one of the best parts of traveling.  But even if something is different from the norm for you or if you don’t agree with a certain belief, at  least respect it.  This is someone else’s homeland.  Stay out of trouble by avoiding conflict.

Traveling with a friend?  You don’t want to end up with a travel partner from hell.  Just because you share a cubicle or go bowling with with someone doesn’t ensure they’ll be fun to travel with.  What’s their financial situation?  Adventurous or relaxation type?  First class or coach?  Talk it over beforehand. 

Be open to meeting new people, especially locals.  Get some cultural insight.  Explore some places that might not be in the “guidebook”.  Introduce yourself to people on Facebook or travel websites which may help you meet up with locals or other travelers.  Check out local hangouts.

Of course it helps to stay within your budget but don’t stress occasional overages.

If you want everything to go great, it helps to feel good.  Get  enough sleep, drink lots of  water (bottled when abroad).  Sunscreen is  a good idea.  And always be safe!