Thinking of getting out of the cold and into the Florida weather this winter?  Now you could head to 3 different Florida cities non-stop from Buffalo.

This feels like it's just in time for us in Buffalo.  As we stare down a weather forecast that includes the words "Lake effect snow," we get an announcement that there are now more non-stop flights to three different cities in Florida.

Non-Stop is the way to go when flying anywhere

When you need warm weather, you need it right away and one of the best ways to achieve that is to head down to a beach in Florida.  You could be there in just a couple of hours with a non-stop flight.  Instead of having to waste time hanging out at a layover in Washington or Atlanta, you could be sipping on a tropical drink on a beach.

Frontier now offers non-stop flights to Fort Myers

Frontier Airlines made the announcement that starting today, they will have non-stop flights to Southwest Florida at Fort Myers.

“Those in the Buffalo area now have an affordable and convenient option to escape the lake-effect snow and enjoy the sandy beaches of Southwest Florida,” -  Josh Flyr, vice president, network and operations design for Frontier Airlines.

They also offer non-stop flights to two other Florida cities

Do you have other vacation plans?  If you're headed to Orlando or Tampa anytime soon, they've got non-stop flights there too.  They encourage you to check out their website to see the frequency and times of the flights.  As I write this article, I'm looking at flights to Orlando starting at $25, flights to Tampa for $38, and flights to Fort Myers starting at $39.

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