It probably isn't the best attention for an area to be the focus of a Podcast called "Spectacular Failures", but this week, that podcast focused on the Love Canal neighborhood in Niagara Falls.

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The "Spectacular Failures" podcast is produced by American Public Media and is focused on all-time spectacular business failures.

This week's episode was titled "The Toxic Tale Of The Love Canal Fail" and highlighted the infamous location in Niagara Falls where Toxic Waste was dumped during the 1950s. The Love Canal area was deemed an environmental hazard and it took nearly 21 years for the area to be cleaned up as part of the United States Superfund operation. Love Canal was the first project for the Superfund operation.

Love Canal was also named one of the Top 10 Environmental Disasters by Time Magazine.

According to Wikipedia, The Love Canal area of land was first open to settlers in 1890 when William T Love bought the land and started to develop a place known as "Model City"

After that fail, the land was used by chemical waster companies for waste dispolse before the land was sold to the Niagara Fall School distract who went on to construct two schools on the land in 1955.

After snow from the Blizzard of '77 started to melt, residents in Love Canal notice black sludge starting to leak into their homes.

It was announced in 2004 that the site had been fulled cleaned up by the Superfund operations


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