Police busted down a door of a Breckenridge apartment belonging to Adam Arroyo in Buffalo on Monday looking for drugs. In the process, the police shot Arroyo's dog Cindy multiple times, killing the dog.

"She was tied up in the kitchen like I tie her up every single day, and they shot her for no reason,” said Arroyo according to WKBW.

Arroyo was not in the house when the police raided the apartment, but he came home home to a busted-down door and several bullet holes in his kitchen wall. He also found a search warrant for a different apartment that was in his building.

“The suspect named in the warrant was described as a black male and was wanted on suspicion of dealing crack."

"For police to wrongfully come into my house and murder my dog...It wasn't that they felt threatened. No. They murdered my dog," said Arroyo, beginning to tear up. "That was my dog, man. That was my dog. They didn't have to do that, you know. They didn't have to do that."

There are two separate entrances for the apartments, and they are clearly labeled, so this is a big mistake by Buffalo Police.

Arroyo now he plans to press charges against the City of Buffalo. Would you? He has to pay to have Cindy cremated. He also had to repair his door at his own cost and has had to miss work.

“Buffalo Police spokesperson Michael DeGeorge says Internal Affairs has launched an investigation into the case, but that police believe they had the proper address. He also says detectives 'don't believe the dog was chained or leashed' when they executed the raid, adding that if any wrongdoing is found in the investigation that officers will face consequences."

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