If there is one thing we love here in Western New York is food. From wings to BBQ, to pizza, if it is good we will eat it.

Now it looks like people in Buffalo will have a chance to try a new pizzeria for a limited time.

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Naked City Pizza

A pop-up pizzeria is a pizzeria that would be only for a limited time in a location. Sometimes pop-up places last only a day, sometimes they are in town for a couple of days.

Naked City Pizzeria is located in Las Vegas and is owned and operated by the two brothers who were both born in Buffalo. They took the Buffalo-style pizza out west. The restaurant has been open since 2009 and besides offering Buffalo-style pizza, they also have a "Naked City" market where they sell Western New York favorites like Weber mustard, Chiavetta's chicken marinade, ad blue cheese by the quart.

They are also the host of the "Sin City Bills Backers" so if you plan on heading to Vegas for a Bills/Raiders game, this would be the place for all of Bills Mafia to hang out.

It always awesome to see local people be successful outside the 716, but it is even better to see them do well and come back to Western New York and give us a chance to enjoy it too.

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