Thursday morning was emotional for the Channel 2 Daybreak team as they celebrated the retirement of a household name and legendary broadcaster.

Channel 2's John Beard has decided to retire after years on the air and most recently, during the morning show.  Beard had announced his retirement in November of 2016 and after further thought, decided to hang in for a couple more years.

Beard also spent some time on the air in California. This clip was from an incident that happened while Beard was on the air and a man with a gun entered the station.

Broadcasting is more than just a 9-5 type of job. Most of the people that are in the industry have a passion for what they do and although there is a lot of pressure and stress, guys like John Beard are excellent at delivering the news in a clear, calm and professional style that all aspiring news people hope to achieve.

Beyond the news, Beard has had an incredible run as an actor as well. A household name in Buffalo with talents that have gained him national attention, there are so many great moments that add up to a great career.

Best wishes to John and his future!

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