The phone you have is with you more than 75% percent of the day and there is a good chance that you have had some nasty mishaps with it. From dropping it in toilets, to it falling in mud and whatever else is on the ground at concerts. With many concerts coming to New York State this summer, a hack you may have use to fix your phone may not be helpful after all.

There is a new report that may change the way you think about taking care of your iPhone if it ever gets wet. You know how it goes, the phone seems to fall in to water or other liquids in slow motion. The first thing you do is shake it out and hope for the best. The next thing you do is get a bag of rice and a bowl or bucket. But that may not be the best plan.

A new report says to let that wet phone air itself out. says:

Apple recommends gently tapping your iPhone against your hand to knock out excess water, then make sure your connector is facing down.

After that, leave your iPhone in a dry area with airflow, wait half an hour and then repeat the process.

The most frustrating thing that can happen is if when you lose your phone. You feel naked or helpless until it is back in your possession. There are apps to help with that.

But there is one app that your iPhone has that you may never knew existed and can be very helpful.

Future Publishing via Getty Imag
Future Publishing via Getty Imag

“If you are in an email or typing a long piece of text and want to change something, it can be difficult to go back to where you need to go, unless you activate the iPhone’s secret mouse,” McConomy said.

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