The sense of smell is the most closely tied to memory.  When you smell something familiar, you remember it.  So what smells could WNYers identify with their eyes closed?

When you walk into your childhood home and your mom is cooking, you can almost immediately identify what it is that she's cooking.  And how many times have you smelled something and immediately had a memory come up?

The scents that we smell can almost transport us to a certain place or time.  In Buffalo, it's been well known that our city smells like Cheerios.  If you're from Buffalo, you know that's because we have a General Mills plant just off route 5 on Ganson Street.

If somehow you were blindfolded and dropped off in that part of town, most Buffalonians would know right away exactly where they were.

It made me start thinking about other places that have that same effect on people.  I thought of this kind of like a game.  When going through these pictures, see if people from Western New York can identify the smell simply by mentioning the title of the picture.  I would guess that most people would be able to pick these smells out from all the rest.

I put this list together with Western New Yorkers in mind.  The smells aren't all great, but most of them are.  And at the very least, they are unique to that area.

Think you can identify all of the smells based on the places?  Give it a try, and let us know what smells we missed on our app.

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