The battle for the position of Mayor of the City of Buffalo is going to be a wild ride this year and it looks like a possible new write-in campaign could impact the race.

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It is official that newcomer India Walton has secured the Democratic line on the ballot sheet this November. Currently, there are no other names that will appear on the ballot according to election officials. current Buffalo Mayor Bryon Brown who lost in the primary announced this week he will run a write-in campaign with the hopes of becoming the first person to win the mayoral race as a write-in candidate.

Of course with the Mayor raising the awareness of a write-in campaign for the Mayor seat, another write-in campaign has begun to gain traction in Western New York.

And it is for a candidate who would be VERY busy this Fall. Currently, there is a movement to have voters write in Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen as a candidate for Mayor.

Of course, I don't think Josh Allen is thinking of becoming Mayor of Buffalo and he is focusing on playing football and bringing a Superbowl here in Western New York. Now if he did win a Super Bowl, I think he could be the Mayor of any town in Western New York.

The hype of Josh running for mayor starting with a local sign company. Zoom Buffalo has created the "Josh Allen For Mayor" sign which they are selling on their website for $19.

Zoom Buffalo is the same company the created the Allen/Diggs signs during the presidential election last year. I am not sure how many voted they got, but Allen could get a lot more in the mayoral race.

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