Dry January is over and it may be time to unleash the party! For those who love a good lottery jackpot, there is one that has grown over the last couple of months and if you win, drinks are on you?

Playing the lottery is fun. Yes, the goal is to WIN the entire thing. But just being a part of the buzz of the jackpot frenzy is something to look forward to. Whether it is for Mega Millions or the daily lottery or the Powerball draw, a two dollar ticket could be all you need for those dreams to come true!

The next Powerball drawing is worth well over $600 million! In fact, it has now become the 8th LARGEST in Powerball history!

Because no one won on Monday, the top prize for this evening's drawing will be at least 653-million bucks. The last time the jackpot was won was back in November.

What are your plans for the money? Tax season is here and perhaps those holiday bills have got you down? No worries! With kind of money, you will be able to hire someone to take care of those things. Eventually, someone will win. Shouldn't it be you?

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