Your income taxes must be filed by April 15th. That's this coming Tuesday. You haven't done them yet. You didn't forget did you? Of course not.  You planned it this way of course.              Here are some helpful hints courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service to aid us last minute types.  To avoid paying penalties to our fiends, uh I mean friends at the I.R.S. our return must be POSTMARKED no later than April 15th so you want to check the mailbox pickup times if mailing your return on the "final day". Each collection box has its last pickup time posted.  Plopping in your return after that last pickup time won't meet the postmark deadline. Most post offices close at 5 p.m. but select branches have extended their hours for your comfort and convenience.  The main Buffalo office at 1200 William St. (no, they didn't move it to Rochester) will be open til 6.  The Amherst branch at 5500 N. Bailey in back of Tops is open til 5:30.  Ellicott Station at 701 Washington St.

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downtown is open til 5:30. The Williamsville branch at 5325 Sheridan Dr. is open til 5:30. The branch in Cheektowaga at 285 Cayuga Rd. once stayed open til midnight but alas has trimmed its hours a tad.  They'll stay open til 9.

Good luck and may your refunds be plentiful!