The Buffalo Bills emailed the menu for the press box to the media today.  Let's just say some of the items on there are...questionable.

It is a privilege to be invited to watch a Bills game from the press box.  It's a bit of an exclusive club that not everyone can be in.  There's a process that people have to go through in order to get credentials to be there.  There are rules to follow while you watch the game too.  But there are also perks.  One of them is a menu.

The Bills provide some pregame food, and also some food at halftime for the members of the press.  Evidently, it's not normal for them to send out the menu ahead of time, but former Buffalo Bill and current NFL commentator Ross Tucker said they did.  He posted a screenshot of the menu and it's got people cocking their heads to the side and questioning...why??

If you've ever wondered what one of those menus looks like, here it is:

He seems to be pretty impressed with it.  It does look delicious, I'm not going to lie.  But are there some things that seem to stand out there for you at all?

As a Buffalonian, the first thing that made me question who wrote this list up was "Bone-In Chicken Wings."  What?  Is there any other kind of wing?  If you just said "there are boneless chicken wings!" you would be wrong.  There's no such thing.  Those things that you're ordering are chicken nuggets...normally made with breast meat.  Those are not wings.

I's kind of pretentious, but it's just something we do in Buffalo.  Wings aren't buffalo wings, they're certainly not boneless wings or bone-in wings, and very rarely do we even call them "chicken wings."  They're just wings.

The other thing that stands out is a NY Salad.  This one is actually a real curiosity item.  What is a NY Salad?

Either way, it looks like the press is going to be eating well tonight!

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