Our near-perfect weather looks like it is set to come to an end as rainy weather is in the forecast for Western New York.

Over the past four or five days, it has been near-perfect weather here in Western New York. We have had a mix of sun and clouds with highs in the upper 70s and lows in the upper 50s. It has been amazing to sleep with the windows open and get plenty of fresh air without sweating every second that you are outside.

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The weather is set to change here in Western New York. We are going to see plenty of rain come through the area, which most of our lawns need, along with some cooler than normal temperatures.

The rain showers start today with some scattered showers this morning and continue into the afternoon. According to Accuweather, there is an 83% chance of rain on Tuesday. That percent jumps to around 90% for Wednesday when we are expected to see rain much of the day.

We will have a little relief from the rain on Thursday with scattered showers expect on and off for much of the day. There is a 64% chance of rain for our Friday Eve. Heading into the weekend, Friday looks like it will be sunny for much of the day with some clouds moving in late in the evening.

The chance of rain increases for Saturday and more rain is expected to be in the area on Sunday as well.

Looking ahead to next week, more rain is expected on Monday as well.

Again, this is good news for our lawns and bad news for any outdoor activities.

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