If you're on Twitter, you may have seen this around your timeline on Thursday.

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According to WKBW, it all started when Bills Mafia founder and 26 Shirts owner Del Reid questioned ESPN personality Trey Wingo's tweet about his "Head Coach of the Year" candidates, which didn't include Bills coach Sean McDermott.

Baltimore radio host Jerry Coleman responded by saying the Bills lost to the Ravens a few weeks back.

Then, Jerry Coleman made some comments about the Twitter discussion, Del Reid, Bills Mafia and the City of Buffalo on the air...

"Some loser named Del Reid whose handle says he is from the Bills Mafia-- and somehow Twitter verified this clown-- he asked about Sean McDermott-- which is a reasonable question, said Coleman.


"But I responded on Twitter that the Ravens smoked the Bills in Buffalo," Coleman added. "And while the Ravens only won by seven points, the game was in Buffalo. The Bills never had a lead whatsoever. They also have a wide receiver named John "Smoke" Brown. But the Bills Mafia is too stupid to realize when they're down."


"They [Buffalo] have two major sports teams just like Baltimore except the big difference is besides they have better chicken wings is they're a city of losers. They've won nothing," said Coleman.

But instead of lashing back, Del Reid of Bills Mafia tweeted out support of the Alzheimer's Association and asked Bills fans to donate for the cause...Baltimore radio host Jerry Coleman has a tweet pinned on his profile for the organization, which has impacted his family.

Anyone who has lived and grown up in Buffalo knows about how amazing the people are here and what we have to offer. The fact an important charity is getting well-needed help out of this though is awesome.

Read the full story at WKBW.

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