The real estate market has leveled off somewhat after the COVID pandemic here in New York State. In the residential areas however, there are still some amazing stories about people paying way over the asking price to get the home that they want. In the last couple of years, it was so tough to get a house that if you weren't willing to go way above the asking price and waive inspection, it was nearly impossible to get a home.

The real estate company Savill released a

The record office space availability in New York comes as high interest rates, a mountain of maturing debt and wobbling property prices bear down on landlords across the U.S., with many struggling to keep or attract new tenants in cities saddled with half-empty office buildings


The spring and summer are typically the best time to move to a new place in New York State. If you have ever tried to move in the winter, you know what a pain it can be trying to keep things dry and not slipping and falling on the ice and snow. It is not ideal. Considering the strange weather we get here in the Empire State, you have to wonder why so many from California choose to move here. A recent study showed that there is a large number of residents of New York who are leaving for other states. Higher taxes and the weather, along with politics and job opportunity, have driven families to other states. But for some, the dream of living in New York State is still alive and the ideal location still seems to be near The Big Apple of New York City. But just what location seems to be the biggest draw for folks from California? In an article posted May 2022, Barron's reported that BROOKLYN has become the place to be. also reports that:

Since the onset of the pandemic, California has lost a significant number of residents who have relocated to New York’s similarly high-cost boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

But is now the right time for the move? There are some who say the market is slowing and that could mean better prices are coming soon. That may increase the buyers from California who have waited for some of the prices to drop.


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