When I was little, we went through the entire process.  We got the rusty saw out of the garage, we put our snow suits on, we all piled in the car and then we wandered around a field full of thousands of Christmas trees to find one that was just right.  They all look great from the road, but when you get up close, they've got that one spot.  Is it worth it?  Or should you just get a fake tree?

Now that I've grown up and have a family of my own, we skip the part where we wander around a field trying to find "just the right one" and we pick one that someone else has already cut down.  However, I have to have a real tree for Christmas.  there is just no other way.  The needles don't bother me.  The constant watering doesn't bother me.  But going a season without that smell certainly would.  You need that fresh Christmas tree smell.

How about you?

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