Around here, we’re used to drivers using their cars as a way to show off their personalities. All over New York State roads, we see vehicles covered with stickers, decals, flags, and other accessories to show their fellow drivers who they are and what they care about. 

Some New Yorkers even go above and beyond, and are willing to fork over the cash for a customized license plate. 

Registered New York State drivers can get a personalized license plate for their vehicles. The price depends on if the license plate number is assigned by DMV, or if the driver decides to personalize it, but a custom plate with an assigned number typically starts at $60 (plus an annual fee of $31.25).

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Drivers can get custom picture plates for things like their favorite sports team, their college or university, or causes they support like organ donation or cancer research. 

Now, they can even get a custom plate that shows off the region or city where they live or frequently visit. 

New York State Releases Custom Regional License Plates

The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles recently released custom license plates featuring images and designs that depict a specific location in New York State. 

Drivers can now order new license plate designs that represent regions like Western New York, Saratoga, and the Southern Tier, among others. 

Additionally, they’ll reveal custom license plates for the Finger Lakes, Mid-Hudson, and Mohawk Valley regions in the coming weeks. 

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Check out these new, fancy New York State custom license plates so you can rep your city or region with pride while you drive!

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