I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss being a kid, especially since one of my favorite activities growing up was my parents taking me to fun centers. Yes, Chuck E. Cheese was one of those but two others that used to be in Buffalo captivated kids just as much in the '90s.

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Major Magics and Discovery Zone

Major Magics was big in the early '90s. They used to have two locations in the Buffalo area. One on Niagara Falls Blvd. in Amherst and another on Ridge Road in West Seneca, according to The Buffalo News.

Major Magics was famous for its animatronic band and games. The "major" logo saluting you, as part of the sign, always captivated me as a little kid -- even though I had to be only four or five years old.

The other was Discovery Zone, which definitely tried to capture that '90s feel. They had locations on Maple Road in Amherst and Milestrip in Hamburg, according to The Buffalo News. I also remember one might have been on Sheridan? I'm relying on 9-year old memories there.

They had play tubes, ball pits, and games. It was essentially Chuck E. Cheese.

Sadly, Major Magics left Buffalo by the mid-'90s (there was only a handful left by the 2000s) and Discovery Zone officially went out of business by the end of 2001.

I most remember the Discovery Zone slogan, "I was in the zone!"

Check out this old commercial from 1996:

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