Dating has changed throughout the years...a lot.  It's hard to even remember dating through classified ads.  But it used to happen.

Ok...I have a confession.  I've never used Tinder.  I've never even been on the app/site.  I wouldn't know what it looked like.

But I remember this...

Chely Wright sang about it in "Single White Female" and it was the basis of the song "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes.

This is how some people chose to meet new people back in the day.  Any idea when this may have been published?  Scroll down...I'll let you know the date after you take your guesses.


Yeah...a little more complicated than swiping left or right.  And the wait...

You send this ad in to the paper, then have to watch your snail mail to see if anyone responds.  And even then, you don't know what kind of people would respond to you.

My favorite is how people chose to describe themselves!

"DASHINGLY Attractive...cursed with good looks...."

It seems a little narcissistic but  you have to remember, there weren't pictures here.  You have to find a way to stand out to people in black and white.  There aren't pictures to show people what you look like. Your words have to do the work for you.

I'm glad I never had to do this back then, and I'm glad that I'm not dating now.  It's not an easy task and I don't envy the people who are still looking for love.  But good luck to you!

I thought this paper was older than it was.  So when was this published?

April 12, 1990.


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