The summer of 2023 is fading away and before the kids get back to school, there is an important request from officials in Albany County in New York State. There is a massive overload of animals that are available for adoption.

After the COVID-19 pandemic ended, and people went back to work, many of the animals that were adopted now need new homes. Taking care of an animal is a huge responsibility and when the kids are in school and mom and dad are in the office, the pets seem to get less attention.

Fats forward to this year and there is a new need for caring homes in the Mohawk-Hudson area of the Empire State.

The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society shelter, located in Menands, currently is caring for over 200 cats and more than 100 dogs. In order to help clear the massive amount of animals, adoption fees have been reduced.

To find out more about the adoption process and to see the available pets, head to

Recently, there was a case that involved the removal of 50 cats from a home. As the numbers increase, so does the need for care.

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