"How much a server makes has nothing to do with how hard they work. Servers had quit because they couldn't make ends meet."

Do you agree with this statement?

The Packhouse Meats restaurant opened in Newport, Kentucky this January, and there is a strange policy that is getting a lot of attention: No tipping the people that serve you. There are signs everywhere to ensure that customers do not leave any money for the people that cater to them during their experience at the restaurant.

According to the Courier-Journal:

Bob Conway, owner of Packhouse, said he got "pummeled" for it on review site Yelp by people accusing him of taking advantage of employees. Said Conway: "We did it to protect the servers."


He thinks it is actually the established custom of tipping that takes advantage of servers, especially in the casual end of the market. Packhouse Meats is his experiment to find a better way.

Conway actually ran a company that owned TGI Fridays and said that he has heard horror stories where servers don't get tipped properly; $3 on a 100 tab and so on. Packhouse servers earn $10 per hour or 20 percent of their individual food sale.

To be honest that's not bad. Twenty percent of your bill is what servers should be getting. So if you disagree or criticize what this guys doing -- maybe you should make sure you're tipping enough first before you do.