One of the new, popular restaurants that has opened up in Buffalo recently has already closed its doors only months after opening.

At least for a little bit. In a social media announcement, the downtown Buffalo restaurant explained why it needs to shut down, at least 'temporarily' and it sounds like there is more than one major issue.

The Vault 237 is the old Marine Trust Building and it had a really cool Roaring 20's and the Prohibition Era theme going in. The vibe inside is/was really cool. Down below the dining room, you can go to the 'basement' where you can go have a party or a small event inside the bank vault.

The food is top-notch there, too. We ate at The Vault when it first opened and I have to say it was one of the best meals I have ever had in Western New York. The food was unbelievable and the service was perfect, too. It could be one of the must-go to's in Western New York if it opens back up.

Why did The Vault close down?

There have been several issues that have lead to a not-deal customer experience per the social media post.

There are several issues that have impacted the ideal guest experience. Vault @ 237 will address mechanical issues in the kitchen, changes to the space and operations, and resolve other challenges that were identified during our first three months of operation.

When are they going to open back up?

According to Instagram, "as soon as maybe practical". That could be weeks, months or years. We know that there have been so many businesses that have struggled making it out of the COVID pandemic business-wise. Prices have gone up and workers have been limited.

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