People were shocked today to hear the news that yet another family restaurant in Western New York would be closing its doors for good.

It feels like more and more restaurants are closing their doors these days.  We hear about a new one just about every day.  The sad thing is when they're small family businesses.  Having an affordable restaurant where someone can go to get a nice meal with their family is huge.  But today, another one announced that it will be closing in Collins, New York.

Rolling Hills Restaurant is closing

Rolling Hills Restaurant made the announcement today that they will be closing their doors.  If you've never been there, it's a family restaurant on Route 39 (2990 Route 39) in Collins.  People would stop in for their incredible breakfasts and fish fry on Fridays.  Their Facebook page shows that just about every weekend they had new specials.

Why are they closing?

They didn't mention a reason in their post as to why they were closing.  However, they did say that they were still going to be hosting and serving catering events.  So it's possible that they just wanted to focus their energy there.

Staffing could be an issue too.  In July, they cut back their hours and were only open on weekends citing staffing issues for the cutback.

Rolling Hills has been a beloved restaurant for years

For years people have enjoyed going to Rolling Hills.  Some people in the comments even mentioned that they had their wedding there.  If the ratings on Google, Yelp, and the Yellow Pages are any indication, they were very popular.  It's not often that restaurants get praised for not only the cost of the food but also for the quality.  Rolling Hills Restaurant had people bragging about both.

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