I actually think I would like this, but people say she's lying. This woman who owns a small cafe-style restaurant has faced criticism on Yelp! for their chicken and waffles dish on their brunch menu?


They go to Popeye's Fast Food every day and stand in line and get a couple of boxes for their 'chicken and waffles' dish.

One man was so mad he demanded he get comped for his meal.

I wanted to believe that this was just a snack for the workers, but alas it was not. I ordered the chicken and waffles to see whether or not they were serving Popeye's to their customers. I thought the chicken tasted suspiciously like Popeye's. I kindly asked our waiter how they cooked their fried chicken. After checking, he admitted that they do in fact use Popeye's., on Yelp! 

Honestly, not everybody bakes the bread in the back when you get your bread basket? Kind of the same thing?

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