This is ridiculous.

It is actually worse than when you go check out at the store and they flip the iPad around and ask you if you want to give a tip. (More on that later.)

We have been going out to dinner in Western New York for YEARS. The fancy restaurants, the popular restaurants, the hole-in-the-walls, the chains, and everything in between. NEVER until 2023 have I seen restaurants doing this.

We got charged almost $10 just because we paid for our dinners with a credit card over the weekend. This has happened a few times. I get the bill and there is another line item that will be charge...because I use my credit card.

For instance, look at my picture here. Here's one recently where they charged us $1.79.


I didn't want to throw anyone under the bus, but when we asked the owners, they said they didn't want to pay the credit card fees. No kidding. Neither do we. But, unfortunately, we are coming to YOUR restaurant and paying YOU money for food. Food that isn't cheap anymore by the way. The owners said that they didn't want to raise their prices. Raise their prices? My chicken dish was already $20. What would you have to do to cover YOUR credit card fees? 60 cents? That's 3%.

Just raise the price of your food. Your average chicken dish is already overpriced. It's for every credit card too. Not just a few companies that I use.

In another instance when I used my card, there was a FLAT fee to use the credit card.

Of course, you may think "then just don't go there, Rob". Totally. We aren't going to go back. But, it would have been nice for a heads-up, I guess. The owners said they posted the info by all the doors. Great. Let me check at every restaurant all the fine print by all the doors.

Restaurants in Buffalo: don't charge US for your credit card fees.

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