We’re seeing more and more food truck these days around Western New York.  Whether you’re looking for a quick taco or grilled cheese, some BBQ food or whatever, these food trucks are here, and they are good!

At this point, the food trucks are allowed to operate with little to no restrictions as long as they are on privately owned property, but today’s hearing with the Amherst Town Board could change that.

You see, the Town of Amherst is looking for a fee from these food truck operators. It’s also looking to set a limit on how close a truck can be to a sit-down restaurant, as well as the hours a food truck can operate, and if it gets in the way of traffic.  All reasonable concerns right?  I think so!

The proposal says that a food truck would have to pay up to $500 to sell product in Amherst. The truck has a one hour maximum time limit…to set up, serve, pack up and leave.  That’s a lil' rough!  That barely leaves these food truck owners any time to serve between setup and take down.  That means fewer sales!

Also within the proposal, it states that a food truck has to be 100 feet from a “sit-down” restaurant.

The vote is later today!

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